60 cutting-edge Climate technologies to add to your radar at the HackSummit Startup Fair

Meet some of the most exciting ClimateTechs across 10 verticals

Spanning 10 verticals, get to know some of the most exciting ClimateTechs from around the world. 

They come ready to demonstrate their technology’s potential while looking for their next collaboration, investment, or partnership to accelerate their startup growth.

Meet 1-1 with the Founding teams across CO2 mineralisation, shipping decarbonisation, real-time biodiversity MRV, district heating infrastructure, waste stream valorisation and plant cell culturing. And many more

Plus the Founders of 100s more breakthrough ClimateTechs will be on stage and in the audience. 

Sounds too good to be true? Get your pass today and come and see for yourself in Lausanne 13-14th June.

Without further ado…

New Materials

🧱 Concrete4Change - developing novel technology for CO2 mineralisation into concrete, helping concrete manufacturers and the construction industry achieve net-zero.

🪸 FlexSea - redefining single-use plastic packaging with an innovative seaweed-derived material

🥥 Naturloop - creator of Cocoboard®, an all-natural fiberboard made of coconut husks and natural tannin developed for use as a sustainable alternative to Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). 

📦 pFIBRE - making plant based, fully biodegradable packaging material.

🍙 Searo Labs - scalable, sustainable materials from seaweed using advanced natural polymers putting an end to plastic.

🧫 Zelfo Technology - engineering ligno-cellulosic materials for use as bio based binders, reinforcement or as a part or complete biocomposite material solution. 

Nature Based

💦 Aquascope - digitising and verifying entire river basins at any scale for a systems-based approach to integrated land and water resource management.  

🌺 Callirius - bringing more private capital directly to high-quality nature-based climate projects, through a data-driven, science-backed, and regulated framework.

🌳 Inverto Earth - connecting businesses with local communities to plan, plant and monitor coastal ecosystem restoration at scale.

🌴 InvestConservation - pioneering innovative investments in conservation to protect biodiversity tropical hotspots from deforestation.

🦜 Open Forest Protocol - bringing transparency and integrity to the carbon credit market.

🔍 recarb - offering a science-based rating and monitoring system for the success factors of restoration projects in tropical forests.

🪐Space4Good - uses remote sensing to monitor social and environmental impact.

🍃Synature - developing real-time biodiversity assessment technologies based on eco-acoustics.


🚢 Cargokite - developing an entirely new ship class to transport goods emission-free anytime to any port in the world.

🚛 OX Delivers - creating the first purpose-built electric truck for the Global South, delivered as-a-service to enable businesses of all sizes to prosper.

🚄 Swisspod - pioneering hyperloop technology, an efficient, ultra-high-speed transportation solution with zero direct CO2 emissions, for a sustainable future where distance no longer limits connection and opportunities


📏 Emissium - using machine learning to track electricity emissions.

💥 Firefly Fusion - developing standard tokamaks as the most promising and fastest path to fusion energy. 

🔨 Grensol - helping industrial and mining operations generate renewable energy from their underutilized resources. 

🛢️Neology Hydrogen - developing a thermochemical ammonia cracking device transforming ammonia into hydrogen as feedstock for fuel cells.

♨️ Planeto - accelerating the energy transition by digitalising the design of sustainable district heating and cooling (DHC) networks in buildings and cities.

SoHHytec - provide onsite renewable fuel (hydrogen), electricity and heat production and storage system which is cost-effective, cleaner and greener.

🔥 SolidWatts - enabling the electrification of power-hungry industrial processes that require heat to fulfill a process. 

🪫 Swistor - developing high energy density energy storage devices that last longer and are environmentally friendly and safe. 

Voltiris - enabling the energy transition of greenhouses by transforming greenhouses into power plants using photovoltaic modules.


🧪 NeoCarbons - recycling CO2 into biochemicals for the food, feed, and chemicals industries, NeoCarbons unleashes the full potential of microalgae using patented third-generation photobioreactor technology.

🧬 novoMOF - commercializing advanced materials called Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for low cost, large scale, and environmentally sustainable CO₂ capture.

🌬️ Ucaneo - pioneering biomimetic direct air capture technology.


🧆 Angry Camel - leveraging cutting-edge research and innovative biotechnological methods to enhance the quality and functionality of plant proteins, particularly chickpeas.

Another Food - a plant cell culture startup which develops sustainable coffee from plant cells.

🧫 Balsgård FoodTech - offering product- and process development, pilot plant and small scale production as well as co-packing for plant-based beverages.

🐝 Beelong - helping brands to calculate, understand and communicate the environmental impact of their food products. 

🍄 Biohifas - employing the power of mycelium to valorize industrial side streams into food.

☀️ Blue Planet Ecosystems - turning sunlight into seafood by replicating aquatic ecosystems.

🦠 Brevel - cultivating microalgae at growth rates 100 times faster than outdoor conditions allow.

🤍 Cultivated Biosciences - developing a creamy fat ingredient to improve the mouthfeel of dairy alternatives, using fermentation.

🍗 ENOUGH - producing ABUNDA® mycoprotein, a complete food ingredient containing all essential amino acids as well as being high in dietary fibre. 

🍫 Food Brewer - cultivating plant cells to produce cocoa and coffee. 

🥑 Innocentia - developing technology for a more accurate shelf life determination to reduce food waste.

🩸Ironic Biotech - developing a portfolio of patented non-animal heme iron compounds with absorption rates comparable to the iron in meat. 

🥘 Opticept - optimising biological processes, including increased extraction from raw material, extended shelf life, reduced waste, and improved quality (taste, aroma, colour, nutritional content) of final products.

🥛 PFx Biotech - utilising precision fermentation to produce high-quality alternative proteins, including human milk proteins.

🍝 The Supplant Company - making unique ingredients suitable for businesses, foodservice, and retail, by upcycling the forgotten half of the harvest.


💧 Agrodit - providing thorough and detailed hour-by-hour moisture data with a precise wireless soil sensor.

🌾 Green Spot Technologies - producing upcycled and fermented ingredients to enable food manufacturers to appeal to modern consumers. 

🧑🌾 SmartCloudFarming - using machine learning to empower agricultural companies worldwide with soil intelligence.

🌿 Terasol - developing technological and scientific solutions to improve and optimise the preservation and revaluation of soils.

Waste Circularity

💄 Boreal Bioproducts - converting forest industry side streams into valuable ingredients for the cosmetics, and chemical industries.

🔍 Composite Recycling - recycling composite waste into oil and high quality glass fibers that can be reused to manufacture new composites and decarbonated plastics.

🥗 Gaia Tech - enabling cosmetic and food manufacturers to develop products with upcycled ingredients.

💦 Hexem - developing systems to produce quality biogas from high strength industrial wastewater.

🧪 Plastogaz - enabling the valorisation of waste streams into circular feedstock for the chemical industry


💊 Doppl - creating a global, crowd-sourced database of biological samples that is used to power critical research and drug development.

💸 Oxari - helping stakeholders drive sustainable change by identifying sustainable companies alongside green investment decisions paths with AI.

👀 LaGrange AI -  tackling supply chain uncertainties and disruptions by automatically scanning distribution networks, and identifying areas for improvement.

🔬 Planetary - building a full-stack fermentation platform to enable biomanufacturing at scale.

🤝 Swan Neck Bio - partnering with food and biotech companies of any size to scale, commercialize, and deploy their microorganisms. 

🔢 Databaum - turning data into valuable information but also provide actionable recommendations for smarter farming decisions.

Air Quality

🪂 Aerospec -  identifying and quantifying aerosol pollution to analyze its chemical composition and source signatures.

Join them in Lausanne to see the technologies close and meet the Founders during the two days.