We're striving for an eco-responsible Summit.

Read on to hear how we'll throw a Climate Conference like we give a planetary damn.

At the HackSummit, we aim to:

What if you could go to the HackSummit this year by train?

Hover your mouse over your nearest train station on the map
Toggle the travel time to see how far you can get from there by train in 1-8 hours
Head to your conference safe in the knowledge that your priorities are straight
Quick example
To travel from your home in Paris to HackSummit in Lausanne - All you need is 4h 2min!
Try it for yourself and let us know how it went!

Reduce waste

Multiply recycling points and reduce waste
Create decor with sustainable materials
Use materials that can be reused and fully recycled
Work with service providers to lower delivery waste

Offer climate-friendly food and drinks.

Serve food in 100% reusable containers
Source local and seasonal ingredients
Team up with a local food bank
100% vegan food and drinks menus