How this scale up is solving authenticity and supply-chain challenges with precision fermentation and delicious animalic fats 

We catch up with CEO, James Petrie ahead of his Keynote at the HackSummit

As the global population grows, animal agriculture will not be efficient enough to meet demand. Both plant-based and traditional food companies face bottlenecks around authenticity and ingredient supply.

That’s where Nourish Ingredients comes in. 

The company has created some of the world's first animal-free fats derived from nature and scaled through fermentation. These potent lipids deliver an authentic animalic taste to alternative proteins and have the potential to reshape current ingredients in traditional food industries.

Dispelling the assumption that these potent animalic fats are just for plant-based meat companies - they also offer value in many traditional food industries. 

How it works

By identifying the most potent and impactful molecules in meat and dairy and then finding these in nature, Nourish Ingredients is able to bypass the animal and go straight to the source. 

The company can then scale these lipids through precision fermentation to create sustainable climate-resilient animalic fats. 

“These fats have endless applications across food supply chains” CEO, James Petrie tells us. He explains “we are currently working on two key product lines: Tastilux for authentic meat taste and aroma and Creamilux for full-cream dairy taste, mouthfeel, and function.”

From Nature 

Their core products —Tastilux and Creamilux— are some of the world's first animal-free fats derived from nature and scaled through fermentation. 

James Petrie reveals how they created each product: 

“We identified the most potent, flavour-contributing lipids at a molecular level. We then located these molecules in nature and scaled them through fermentation, creating climate-resistant animalic fats. By focusing on potency, we were able to achieve very low inclusion and high impact rates.”

Nourish Ingredients is able to create real cooking reactions that provide a signature taste and aroma, and mouthfeel without artificial chemistry. 

Teaming up to Scale up

James tells us “As the challenge we are tackling transcends borders, there is an immense opportunity for us to work closely with partners around the globe to transform alternative proteins and traditional supply chains.”

He shares that they are currently in talks with businesses of all sizes across the globe, from food companies, ingredient manufacturers and flavour houses and will work closely with them to build the future of alternative proteins and explore emerging food categories. 

Heading to the HackSummit

With the HackSummit just around the corner (June 13–14) we asked James why he’ll be joining us and who he’s looking to meet:

“We are looking forward to connecting with investors interested in supporting climate-resilient products designed with commercial viability in mind, like our potent animalic fats. 

Additionally, we hope to connect with industry partners in both the traditional and alternative food sectors. Our products are crafted to deliver significant value to both areas, and we are eager to engage in these conversations.

Finally, we are keen to discuss regulations with experts familiar with EFSA and the global regulatory landscape. We look forward to exploring this more with those who share our vision to bring these products to market!”

From Australia to Switzerland

James will give a keynote on the HackSummit stage covering the innovative solutions the company is taking to mitigate the costs of precision fermentation, how they are exploring hybrid opportunities, and their mission to create delicious animalic fats that have a home in the real world. 

Hear live from James on June 13 at 3.20pm on the Builders Stage. It’s not too late to come and join Nourish Ingredients and hundreds of other leading startups from around the world.