How this Startup is Using Biotechnology to Create Clean Label, Healthier Food Options for the New Era of Functional Proteins

We caught up with Meala FoodTech to hear about advances in their platform technology and product pipeline since they joined us at the HackSummit last year.

Today’s consumers are more likely to purchase food products that they feel good about, believe are healthy, and that have familiar ingredients.

And as the demand for clean labels and high nutritional foods continues to rise, food companies are actively looking for new ingredients that will help them to clean their label and reduce the use of synthetic ingredients.  

Enter Meala who is developing next-generation texturizing proteins derived from natural sources and helping brands to meet this demand by creating new products with superior texture and a clean ingredient list.

“By giving food manufacturers the ability to create clean-label products that at the same time deliver the sensory experiences consumers crave, they can create good food using simple ingredients,” CEO Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich tells us.

Founding Trio

Back in 2022 industry experts Liran Gruda, Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich and Tali Feldman Sivan joined forces, with a shared passion for new ingredients to create better food products. 

Liran Gruda, CIO and chef with Michelin-starred restaurant experience, developed many plant-based products but noticed that, no matter what he tried, he couldn't create clean-label products with a short list of ingredients. This realisation led him to begin working on Meala’s technology. 

Liran then partnered with product innovation specialist Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich (CEO) and serial entrepreneur and business strategist Tali Feldman Sivan (Chief Strategy Officer) to launch Meala. 

Meals’s Approach

By combining culinary expertise with cutting-edge biotechnology, Meala’s ingredients are created by skilled food technologies that test them in a variety of food applications. 

The functionality of the ingredients has been measured in sensory and texture parameters and analytics methods. 

Having an in-house application lab enables versatility and adaptability for a variety of customers to offer products that meet clean, healthy needs. 

Beyond Plant Based

While Meala is setting its sights on revolutionising the plant-based meat sector first, their innovative protein technology holds exciting possibilities beyond this category. 

Meala developed a platform technology that enables them to functionalise a variety of proteins and create a variety of textures. 

This platform offers a solution to a universal challenge in food production: achieving the desired textures and functionalities without resorting to artificial additives. 

Expect to see its applications expand across bakery, frozen desserts, sauces and many more.

Next Up, HackSummit

Meala will host a live cooking demo at the HackSummit to focus on how the company's approach to developing clean-label ingredients aligns with consumer preferences for healthier and more environmentally friendly food options.

On stage, CEO Hadar Razmovich and CIO Liran Gruda of Meala will present their texturizing protein and demonstrate its capabilities in several food products and reveal how Meala will demonstrate the impact of their solution on consumers’ health and the planet, Meala FoodTech’s innovative solutions can contribute to a more sustainable and healthier food system.

Join Hadar, the Meala Team and hundreds of fellow Food and Climate Entrepreneurs at the HackSummit. June 13-14 in Lausanne.