Why ecological impact and a scaling business model must go hand in hand. In conversation with Veronique Hördemann at Future Energy Ventures.

Investing in startups that are transforming the energy ecosystem and pioneering the future of energy

Future Energy Ventures at a glance

- Check size: EUR 1-10M
- Stage you invest: Series A and B
- Size of your fund: Target size EUR 250M
- Industry verticals: Energy, Cities, Technology
- Geographies you invest in: Europe, US, Israel
- Portfolio companies include: ev.energy, Virta, Thermondo, Piclo

Veronique Hördemann has always been active in the energy industry. Because energy is so crucial to today’s society, she told us that she always knew this was the industry she wanted to work in.

Working in commodity trading to portfolio strategy, the changing faces of the energy system have always followed her throughout every professional experience.

Now in her role as Managing Partner and CFO of Future Energy Ventures, Veronique is convinced that ecological impact and building a scaling business model can go hand in hand.

Next up she’ll be joining us at the HackSummit in Lausanne, this June 13-14th.

Before joining us on stage, we caught up with her to hear which technologies she’s investing in next, her advice for founders and their unique approach at Future Energy Ventures.

Which areas of ClimateTech are you most excited about?

The digital transformation of the energy and mobility sectors: The future energy system is decentralized, digitized, and decarbonized. The actors who were traditionally consumers of energy, now become active participants in the energy system.

Buildings are going to be increasingly electrified and progressively equipped with solar PV, batteries, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations. This new set up will allow for cost optimization by using behind-the-meter self-consumption and revenue generation from providing grid services e.g. demand side flexibility via platforms like Piclo.

Electric vehicles are part of the future energy system, creating cleaner and more efficient mobility, which can also serve as mobile energy storage and provide grid services with platforms like ev.energy.

This decentralized energy system with multiple micro-energy-suppliers can only be managed effectively with the help of digital innovation.

What’s your value-add or USP as a VC firm?

Future Energy Ventures has extensive experience in helping founders with building businesses, which they accumulated from the learnings from their portfolio of over 50 companies in Fund I.

They have been in the market for nearly a decade, building a network of investors, advisors, corporates, entrepreneurs, which creates a vibrant, supportive community.

And Veronique points out they “have matched 44 of our portfolio businesses of our fund I with partners in Europe, USA, Asia. 19 have commercialized their partnership.

And, we developed extensive expertise in and understanding of the energy sector, which we’re excited to share with portfolio companies and partners.”

What’s your advice to Climate founders looking to fundraise?

The last two years have been very challenging for fundraising for both startups and funds.

Veronique tells us “We saw a risk-off sentiment from LPs, manifested in capital outflows from VC and moving more towards PE and other asset classes.

On the start-up side, there were fewer rounds raised and smaller in size, with internal investors bridging good companies through tough times.

These dynamics have shifted at the beginning of 2024 with the positive energy and optimism returning. There’s increased activity, especially in seed and Series A and many funds, which were sitting on dry powder are now being pressed for deploying capital.

The advice for founders is to take the time to pick their investors wisely, look beyond just capital for the value added and personal fit because they are signing up for a multi-year journey together. In addition I would recommend to focus on ecological impact and monetization at the same time, plus to consider how to scale your business most rapidly via partnerships with established players.”

How can startups get on Future Energy Ventures’ radar?

Future Energy Ventures are actively scouting for startups. They participate in many events, including the HackSummit as well as accelerator programs, where they’re always happy to talk.

Startups can also always approach them on LinkedIn, through this contact form, as well as get an intro through one of their investors or partners.

Join Veronique and hundreds of impact investors, founders, experts and corporates this June 13-14th in Lausanne at the HackSummit. Save 20% on your pass with code ENERGY20.