Meet the NatureTech Challenge Finalists

Get to know the finalists of the NatureTech Challenge ahead of the final at the HackSummit

Naturetech is a crucial enabler to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, while also advancing global climate, nature, and sustainability objectives.

With over 50% of the global GDP tied to nature, investment is starting to flow into tech that powers nature-based solutions for the climate crisis. And nature-tech startups are on the rise. 

So we launched a global search to uncover new talents and fresh ideas to put nature centre stage. 

Next these Founder will pitch their solution in the NatureTech Challenge on stage at the HackSummit, where the winner will be crowned. 

Let’s meet the final 4:

🌱 Earthly
CEO and Co-Founder: Oliver Bolton

What: Pioneering innovative assessment and visualisation tools to help businesses demonstrate the value of their investments in nature.

How: Earthly accelerates investment to nature helping organisations find and invest into the world's highest-integrity nature-based solutions optimised around removing carbon, restoring biodiversity and improving livelihoods.

🌳 Inverto Earth
Founder and CEO:
Jürg Germann

What: Helping companies to transform nature targets into actions

How: For companies looking beyond carbon in their sustainability journey, Inverto Earth offers holistic restoration of nature with our “units of nature”, each one a unique 3x3m high impact coastal ecosystem backed by data.

🌲 Kanop
CEO and Co-Founder: Romain Fau

What: Using advanced satellite imagery and AI to deliver precise, scalable, and affordable data analytics for monitoring biodiversity and climate impacts.

How: A platform to help organisations conduct due diligence, monitor and report impacts on nature-based projects, and streamline Scope 3 and value chain impact assessments.

🌍 Mozaic Earth
CEO and Co-Founder:
Sylvain Vaquer

What: Transforming the ecology sector by empowering 1 billion people to become custodians of our most valuable asset: Nature.

How: By combining large-scale, smartphone-based monitoring with AI, Mozaic Earth makes it 10X cheaper for landowners and businesses to access the data required to quantify their nature impact & risks, whilst addressing the global shortage of ecologists.

Join them in Lausanne next week to meet the Founders, hear their pitches and watch the winner crowned live on stage. As well as many more Nature-First founders who will be attending.