May 9, 2024

Why these 9 Startups made the Final of the FoodTech World Cup

Following 200+ applications from early-stage startups spanning 49 countries, the inaugural FoodTech World Cup, together with Givaudan, attracted exceptional talent and new approaches to tackle the greatest challenges facing our food system.

46 startups pitched live in regional Semi Finalists in front of 28 Jury members across 6 regions. 

Next these 9 startups will pitch live in Lausanne at the HackSummit, where the winner will be crowned. There can only be one winner, so let’s meet the final 9. 

“The FoodTech World Cup has already been an incredible event and the nine finalists are just exceptional! We’re really excited to see them pitch live at upcoming finals”, says Alexandre Bastos, Head of Front End Innovation, Givaudan, Taste & Wellbeing. “We believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships are the key to success. By sharing expertise and resources, we can shape the future of food with these new and innovative products and solutions.”

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Meet the Finalists and hear why they stood out:

🇺🇸 Bioeutectics

Co-Founder and CEO: Tomas Silicaro
Why they stood out: Solvents are critical inputs for industries including food & beverage, cosmetics, agriculture, and more, and there is a major need to shift away from petroleum-based solvents that are harmful to people and the planet. Bioeutectics has strong potential, as they not only offer drop-in replacements that are natural, biodegradable, and sustainable, but also at cost-competitive prices, making commercial success possible. Their natural solvents not only meet but exceed industry standards. This innovative technology positions Bioeutectics as a leader in the field and a catalyst for a greener future.

🇫🇷 Bon Vivant

Co-Founders: Stéphane Mac Millan and Hélène Briand
Why they stood out:  Bon Vivant is not a milk company! Instead, taking an enabling position in the value chain Bon Vivant is enabling a sustainable shift in the dairy industry. We’ve all seen players building dairy-alternative consumer products but Bon Vivant is standing out by providing the inputs into better products. We like the positioning and Stéphane did a credible pitch on why they will come out as leaders in this category. 

🇮🇱 Day8

Co-Founder and CEO: Daniel Rejzner
Why they stood out:
While Day8 is not the only startup trying to commercialize Rubisco, this company has a very unique approach, valorizing agricultural waste to produce the coveted protein, being less capital intensive, more environmental and with a better economic profile.

🇸🇬 Elevate Foods

Founder: Gayatri Bhatia
Why they stood out: Addressing food waste and food loss is necessary to truly decarbonise agri-food emissions in APAC. Elevate Foods has an experienced founding team, working on this important problem, with focus on commercial viability and scalability. Given the amount of logistics involved in our food supply chain across non-homogenous regions, Elevate Foods puts forth a necessary solution for better food safety and reduction of waste.

🇮🇹 Foreverland Food

Co-Founder and CEO: Massimo Sabatini
Why they stood out:
Foreverland is addressing the urgent need for alternative cacao and chocolate as a B2B ingredient. Because of climate change and unsustainable production, cacao prices have 3X:ed this year. With its products, Foreverland is providing a more sustainable and nutritious alternative to chocolate - with great taste in front and center. Massimo and Riccardo made a great job pitching their right to win with i) their positioning in Italy - one of the largest chocolate markets, ii) strategic access to raw materials as well as iii) a well-compositioned team ramping up Foreverland for success. This can go far. 

🇮🇱 Gavan

Co-Founder and CEO: Itai Cohen
Why they stood out: Gavan is creating a unique plant-based fat agent, with a functionality and flavor of animal-based lipids. Combining the health and environmental benefits of plant based, with the functionality of animal-based fats, while maintaining clean label, low cost and excellent flavor is bringing the best of both worlds into a unique ingredient.

🇬🇭 Legendary Foods

Founder and CEO: Shobhita Soor
Why they stood out: We were impressed with the founding team’s experience, including the founder’s background in the insect alt protein industry and the team’s connections to food manufacturing, helping them lay a strong commercial foundation with two products already in market. They are also addressing consumer acceptance- often a barrier in insect protein products- by utilizing a protein source that is already commonly consumed across multiple continents and therefore presents an opportunity for expansion, while also addressing waste and circularity through their farming process.

🇦🇷 Nat4Bio

Co-Founder and CEO: Joaquin Fisch
Why they stood out: Firstly, they are actively tackling the issue of food loss and food waste, particularly in fresh foods. This is crucial as it not only helps minimise waste but also ensures a steady supply of fresh food for everyone. Secondly, the startup has successfully secured commitment from a customer to purchase their product. This demonstrates their preparedness and indicates a positive reception in the market.

🇧🇷 Typcal

Founder and CEO: Paulo Ibri
Why they stood out: We need to accelerate the process to bring new technologies for the food industry. Typcal showed us that they are the most advanced company in Brazil that are producing proteins from fungi.